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From its establishment to the present, A.R.C. has hosted fourteen artists from 5 countries with different disciplines;

Defne Cemal, Zach Hodges, Pınar Kayar, Mesut Öztürk, Başak Çolak, Eliz Gündüz, Ayda Demirci, Aslı Emek Piechaud, Rodolfo Viola (Morghen Studio), Andres Monnier, Laura Pasquino, Elsa Foulon, Şule İpekçi, and David Doğan Levi, stayed at A.R.C. for one to four weeks. In 2023, Ambidexter in İstanbul hosted the first exhibition of the residency program 'A.R.C.'s Year Show' in İstanbul, with the works of the first four artists. The second edition of the exhibition, planned for March 7-24, 2024, will feature the works of artists who participated in A.R.C. in 2023.

In November 2023, A.R.C. hosted Transhumances III, a nomadic art and design residency series by Galerie Philia after Barjac, France (2020), Florence at Palazzo Galli Tassi (2021). At this third edition in Cappadocia, Galerie Philia designers Rodolfo Viola (Morgan Studio), Andres Monnier, Laura Pasquino and Elsa Foulon created with local materials. The residency was followed by an awe-inspring exhibition in the caves of Cappadocia, where the materials of the region blended with the earth they came from.

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